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Our Team

SYNERGY THRISLINGTON TEAM MEMBERS are highly experienced. Each has a successful careers a senior executive, sales, design or production professional. All have in-depth experience in the areas in which they are consulting and/or producing. This experience, combined with Synergy's knowledge of learning and behavior change, provides you with quality solutions and defined payoffs at a highly favorable cost/performance ratio. SYNERGY THRISLINGTON KNOWS YOU. We have worked extensively with large number of manufacturing units in various industries. Our broad experience means innovative, timely solutions that are "real world" to your people. SYNERGY THRISLINGTON APPROACHES are uniquely tuned to your organization. We listen to you and then design a semi-custom solution for the challenges you face. When seeking design and fabrication consultation we can rapidly bring to bear more than 50 person years of in-depth experience. When seeking design, fabrication and installation, we have large number of combinations at our disposal to design a perfect solution that is a precise fit for your organization. Synergy Thrislington maintains solid relationships with the most prominent Technical Universities to leverage expert knowledge of the national market. We attract and retain most talented professionals. All our engineers and designers hold university degrees in Computer information systems and Arts. Synergy Partitions invests in professional development of its associates by sponsoring their participation in postgraduate courses and industry events and engages external consultants to deliver training in various fields.

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