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Custom Load Bearing Ceiling – Good For Readymade Structural Support

Posted by Admin on March, 05, 2020

A load-bearing wall is also known as bearing wall that supports the structural weight of a building. By definition, it is a wall that is the main structural element of a foundation structure and it takes all weight of a building. The material used in the making of these types of walls includes block, concrete, or brick.

How to make custom made?
Load-bearing walls thickness is measured according to the number of floors require support, building type, the raw material used in the construction of the building. Load-bearing should be appropriate in thickness as it carries the weight of the entire building above them. In most cases, when the outer wall becomes unstable it is because of the excess load which can lead to the collapse of the building.

Features of load-bearing wall:
It is an active structural element.
It carries the load of the building from the upper floors and the roof.
The wall transfers loads all the way to the foundation of the building.
It can also support other structural members such as slabs, beam, and walls on above roofs and floors.
This wall is above the beam and it is designed to hold the vertical load.
These walls carry their own load.
Load bearing walls are over each other on each floor.

Types of load-bearing wall:
• Precast wall- this type of wall has the strength and is well-known for its durability. They are easy to install and provide extra protection.
• Masonry wall- this wall type allows architectural expression. It provides both durability and strength. The best part about this type of wall is that it increases fire resistance.
• Retaining wall- this wall has many benefits such as it protects and save the area from saturation and helps in reducing erosion.
• Pre-panelized stud wall- the advantages of this type of wall are that it supports seismic, wind loading and gravity.
• Engineering brick- this wall is constructed using a mold.
• Stone wall- meant to provide structure to enclose an area and a building.

These walls have many benefits, due to which these are preferred more and are high in demand. Its substitute is custom load bearing ceiling which can be installed and has the capacity to bear the load of up to 150Kgs and also are abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant. There are many custom load bearing ceiling suppliers in the market who offer all types and sizes of ceilings at reasonable rates.

How to choose the right custom load bearing ceiling supplier?
• High-quality
• Durable
• Reasonable price
• Easy to reach online

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